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Armed with a dynamic vision to create an environment where treatment is neither delayed nor denied owing to lack of lab facilities, we, at TechMed Healthcare have been making rapid progress in the field of Hospital Lab Management (HLM) in India. As front-runners in the industry, we associate with hospitals and clinics to offer them complete and the best laboratory support services, including total management of the laboratory services that conform to NABL standards, purchase of equipment, and, absorption and training of lab staff. Our 360 degree approach to the laboratory services management allows our partners to release complete responsibility of the lab division, one of their prime responsibilities, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of a hi tech laboratory viz., faster delivery of reports, greater revenue through referrals and better investment of time, to name a few.

Ever since our inception in 2008, our brand has caught the attention of doctors, hospitals and patients thanks to our pioneering efforts and firm compliance of our core values - being friendly, innovative, distinctive, reliable and growth-oriented - giving us a leading edge in the industry. We partner across a diverse spectrum of medical institutions, ranging from single doctor clinics to corporate managed hospital chains and medical colleges, for our HLM services. Our customized corporate and retail services are employed by the corporate sector and patients, respectively.


A state of the art lab information system, high tech equipment, qualified and trained staff, adherence to industry standards - have all helped us forge a name in the realm of HLM in India.

Our resolute commitment to being prompt and quality driven, is reflected in the host of special services and facilities we offer such as a 24/7 lab service facility and SMART reports that allow for virtual access to patient records and reports, making us the favored choice among our stakeholders.


Our fundamental principles of being friendly, innovative, distinctive, reliable and growth oriented have helped establish us as a force to reckon with in the field of Hospital Lab Management (HLM) in India. Our laboratory services are renowned for the specialized and exhaustive range of tests we offer. A business partnership with us guarantees an assurance of a 360-degree approach to managing the laboratory divisions of the associate hospitals or clinics. Today, our HLM services are enjoyed by medical institutions ranging from clinics and polyclinics that are jointly serviced by over 30 collection points, 12 small range to mid range hospitals, a corporate run hospital and a medical college with 750 beds. Besides this, we offer tailor-made packages for the corporate sector that uses our medical checks for employees.

As a company, we endorse a friendly approach enabling us to build and sustain lasting relationships with our key associates, from doctors to employees. The innovative practices that we follow in the areas of processes, technology and customer support is reflective of our expertise in the HLM industry. With a key focus on offering quick and quality services that are in compliance with NABL standards, we have designed services and facilities such as Lab Assist, the 24/7 toll free service to collect samples from hospitals and patients, SMART reports that allow for virtual access to patient records by any consulting practitioner, among many other offerings. Our qualified and trained staff employ the most modern technology, equipment and processes to ensure efficient service and minimize errors in reporting. As an organization that follows a growth-for-all approach, we adopt progressive practices that benefit all of our partners, including doctors, hospitals, vendors and employees.