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LLaboratory services
At Techmed Healthcare, we adopt a 360-degree approach in our laboratory services. We offer a comprehensive array of tests across a wide spectrum of specializations, including biochemistry, hematology, immunology, flowcytometry, immunohistochemistry and serology to name a few. Our promise to partnering hospitals is to assume complete responsibility for its laboratory services, including purchase of equipment, training of manpower and other administrative responsibilities pertaining to the laboratory. We are equipped to cater to a diverse range of medical establishments, ranging from 20 bed clinics to medical colleges with 750 beds. At present we have partnerships with more than 40 clinics and 12 hospitals across South India.
Our practice of using advanced processes and cutting edge technology has helped greatly in providing efficient services and in reducing the turnaround time in our delivery of reports. As we keep abreast with the advancements in the HLM industry, we also endeavor to share that knowledge with our doctors by educating them about it.
CCorporate Services
It is our belief that a holistic perspective always offers the best results. Our services are designed keeping this philosophy in mind as we look at ways to connect with our customers.
We devote adequate time to research the industry that we are catering to by studying the demographics, psychographics, occupational hazards and similar elementary factors, which helps in crafting a customized corporate package most suited for that group.
We create tailor-made wellness packages for corporates for a minimum of 10 employees. This is inclusive of premium diagnostic services, a corporate level report for the Human Resources (HR) division that captures the health status of their employees and also highlights special cases that may require immediate attention or supervision. Our individual reports to employees detail their general wellness, including their physical, social and mental wellbeing. Based on the reports, we arrange for talks by industry experts to create awareness and counsel employees.
In addition to our wellness programs, we also offer ECG, PFT and eye testing as a doorstep service to corporates. We also offer health check-ups at schools where the focus is on conducting routine check-ups and record health issues specific to the needs of growing children such as anemia, lethargy, slow growth etc.
DDoorstep Services
Homelab, our distinct round-the-clock retail offering provides services to patients, at their doorstep either by placing a call on a toll free number or by requesting online in our portal via Home Collection Box.
WWellness Services
Freedom from illness is not a necessary indication of a healthy life. At Techmed Healthcare, we assume a holistic approach to good health. Our wellness programs, another of our retail offerings, are designed to help customers lead a well-balanced lifestyle that ensures physical, mental and social well-being. Stress management, detoxification, smoking de-addiction and couple therapy are a few programs in the wide array of wellness programs that we offer.