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In addition to diagnosis we at Techmed Healthcare believe in the old adage “Prevention is always better than cure” and our association with “Basil” is one such initiative.

Basil is oriented towards wellness and employs lifestyle changes in a person in place of medicines and treatments. A chat with your doctor needn't happen only when you are ill. At Basil, you save that extra trip to the doctor by focusing on preventive healthcare and wellness.

Have a consultation with one of our Basil consultants and experience the change of perspective towards health for yourself. The Wellness Diagnostic reports of Basil are revolutionary and first-of-its-kind in the country which focuses on preventive healthcare rather than treatments. These reports are self-explanatory and will help you understand your body and state of health better. Basil's list of happy clients bears testimony for the innovative, accurate and effective wellness check-ups.


Dr. Wasim

Dr. Wasim after specializing in family medicine and certified by the Royal College of General Practitioners, London (UK), also has a doctorate in Acupuncture by the prestigious Institute of Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka and a Diploma in Ayurveda by the Ayurvedic Institute of Europe.

With many industry first and country first accolades under his hat and a highly trained team of technicians, nutritionists and industry experts he heads Basil. He is in all certainty, the only preventive care and wellness physician in the country. Specializing in preventive healthcare and wellness, Dr. Wasim uses a blend of traditional practices and modern medicine to aid prevention and management of chronic diseases and obesity.

Dr. Wasim is a regular columnist and contributor to many reputed national publications. He is also an avid food blogger who is passionate about exploring diverse cuisines across the world. His blog Chennai Foodie has been widely appreciated by connoisseurs and foodies across the city.

Now, a clinician who is an avid foodie working towards his patients’ better health and weight management without punishing their taste buds is something to be bragged about.